Allison Chan | :recent Emily Carr University interaction grad /UX Designer & Researcher /Moment Factory Award winner

I like creating spaces for expressions of individuality by combining UX research, art, and new technologies! ♢⋄

Welcome to my creative universe ♢⋄

Here are some recent cool
♢⋄ accomplishments ⋄

My Work ◈

Moment Factory Award Winning Grad Thesis
Thesis project combining UX research and an interactive, collaborative art installation to translate biometric data into a digital visualization, while critiquing current biometric usage and exploring its social potential

UX Research, UX design, Interactive Design, Arduino, Processing
♢⋄ UX & Interactive Design ⋄♢

Exhibited at
Telus World of Science
Interactive installation I exhibited at Telus World of Science on July 19, 2020, exploring the intersection of art-making with new technologies, using UX research to create a sensor device and data visualization of a person's emotions

UX Research, UX & Interactive Design, Website Development, Exhibition Facilitation, Arduino, Processing
♢⋄ UX Design & Research ⋄♢

With Canada's Digital Technology Supercluster
Health Design Lab Pharmacogenetics
Working as a UX Researcher for the Digital Technology Supercluster Pharmacogenetics Project at the Health Design Lab to develop a research methods and report of quantitative and qualitative user research to improve PGx education and implementation for clinicians

UX Research, Data Visualization, Mapping, Co-creation & Co-design Facilitation
♢⋄ UI/UX Design & Research ⋄♢

Letters of Reflection
Self-directed health design project at Emily Carr, where I developed a web interface for a collection of immigrant stories on their experiences to reflect immigration’s social impacts, through user-centred research (mapping, co-designing, and UX/UI prototyping)

UX Research, Data Visualization, Mapping, Co-creation & Co-design Facilitation, UI/UX, iterating, wireframing

Other interesting projects I've done ❖⍚

Data as a Commons
Developed research methods to investigate society’s relationship with data and created a speculative future of data as a commons by designing a probe kit, a sensitizing probe, and a co-creation workshop

Design Research, Co-creation Facilitation, Probe Kit Creation, Data Analysis
♢⋄ AR & Interactive Design ⋄♢

Gratitude Gallery (AR)
Developed an interactive augmented reality exhibition with Aframe and AR.js that fosters discussion of the importance of gratitude using community-based online submissions 
UI/UX, Augmented Reality, Aframe, AR.js
♢⋄ Data Journalism & Data Viz ⋄♢

Data Visualization
Various data visualization projects from 2019 to 2020.

Data Journalism, d3.js, p5.js, Tableau

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