Weebox, under KLKTN
Brand Designer
Creative Lead
UI/UX Designer
Working with a 3D artist, developer, and a cross-functional partnership with the KLKTN and Weebox team.

I worked as a designer and creative lead with the Weebox team to create their brand identity and website, launching the first officially licensed anime digital collectibles platform with leading IPs.

Context & Challenge
The digital collectibles industry has experienced exponential growth in recent years, driven by the increasing demand for unique and exclusive items in the form of digital assets and NFT. KLKTN, an innovative company in the blockchain and immersive technology space, developed Weebox, an innovative Web3 and Metaverse platform, and needed help to create their brand identity and website.
Design Strategies

The Weebox brand is not only a frame for beautiful anime IP's. It also highlights its deep-rooted connection to the culture, passionate dedication to expanding the fan space, and authenticity of working with top IP producers to inspire their community.

With user research and facilitating branding design workshops with the Weebox team, I was able to create a brand direction that combined a bold, tech-y, and fun feel.
The bottom left corner of the letter W represents the folding of a page corner when bookmarking manga pages and returning to it, and the feeling of opening a fold or cover of a box or product. The letter B is lowercase to subtly separate the idea of Weeb (the community), and Box (the product).
Social media assets were made with a square or rectangle with a cut bottom left corner to mimic the “W” in the Weebox wordmark.
I also developed a design system from the branding to design their launch website, using the "W" mark with the bottom left and top right corners cut as text boxes, windows, background patterns, and buttons.

The playful and approachable design approach proved instrumental in bridging the gap to introduce a web3 product to the anime fanbase successfully. The brand's genuine yet empowering presence served as a captivating frame for showcasing anime IPs, fostering a strong and meaningful connection with the community.

Brand Growth to 45K+ Followers
Weebox has grown to over 45,000 followers in a year since launching their brand from this project.
Collaboration with Multiple top Anime IPs
Weebox has now partnered with over 5 leading anime brands including Ghost in the Shell and Afro Samurai.
Note: Due to the confidential nature of most of my projects, access to full design processes can be shared by request.
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