One Little Planet
One Little Planet
Product Designer
UI/UX Designer
Cross-functional partnership with the OLP and Polyform Studio.

I worked with One Little Planet to design an innovative AR Web3 platform for Asia's top selling art figurines powered by Popmart, selling out their collection in minutes for thousands of fans.

Context & Challenge
One Little Planet is an AR & NFT Platform powered by Pucky & PopMart, and are known for their #1 art toys in all of Asia. They sell out tens of thousands of units in minutes when dropping a new collection and needed a digital marketplace for their toys to make the process seamless for their fans.
Design Strategies

Translating the physical toy experience to digital collectibles is not just about scarcity and verifiability, but about excitement, brand experience, and the thrill of connecting with fellow enthusiasts to show off your special pieces.

1. captivating & tangible digital Toy experience
The buying, unboxing, presentation, and selling UX as a digital experience goes beyond the physical expectations of buying a figurine toy in person to impress hardcore physical toy collectors.
2. 3D interactions that Go beyond aR & NFT
There is an interactive AR unboxing game, AR video features for showing off your new collectibles, and an AR “toy shelf” to see all your collectibles at once.
3. Connecting the digital with physical cards
Physical trading cards also unlocked exclusive NFTs via QR code, which could be collected with your physical purchase.
4. Creating a localized application for the app store
I developed a localization system to help the OLP team launch their app in 2 languages.
5. 3D AR Hologram Collectibles
Each high-fidelity digital collectible is a 3D model and viewable in AR as a hologram. Swipe through the AR camera to view all the different NFT collectibles, as well as using an AR marker card for exclusive membership. Take a photo with your NFT!

One Little Planet's digital marketplace debuted at the Seoul Toy Fair sold out within minutes. Subsequent drops have seamlessly integrated digital components, showcasing the power of AR interaction design and 3D innovation to elevate their presence in the toy industry.

Selling out All NFTs in Minutes
The NFT collectibles sold out seamlessly right after the collections launched in minutes.
launched in multiple languages & Countries
I developed a localization process for the internal & client teams to help launch the app in North America and Asia in English and Chinese.
Creating a 3D/AR marketplace template
The research and design from this project helped to develop a blueprint to use for future partnering brands and IPs to sell their digital products.
Note: Due to the confidential nature of most of my projects, access to full design processes can be shared by request.
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