(E) N T I T Y
My exhibit at TELUS World of Science
July 16, 2019


intangible Emotions as a tangible being

An embodied interaction design project exploring the intersection of art-making with new technologies.

I showcased this project at Science World on July 16.
3rd Year Interaction Design project
for Emily Carr University
January - April 2019 (3 Months)
Researcher, Programmer, UX/UI Designer, Graphic Designer
How can we make unconventional art with new technologies?

How can we use biometric data to understand our emotions?

Making the intangible, tangible
Sensors in the device transform biometric data from the user into generative art, making our intangible emotions into a tangible being— or an (E)ntity.

(E)ntity reminds us to be mindful of our emotions by creating space for self-reflectivity.

Exhibiting at Science World

Working closely with directors at Science World, I was given the chance to exhibit (E)ntity in the Recollections Space in the Eureka! Gallery on July 16.
Changing the Public's Understanding of Their Data and Digital Art in a New and Exciting Way
The reactions I received were very imaginative, and always told me something about the user themselves in what they answered and how they answered, and the way they used it.

The interaction was very embodied, in the way that their subjective experiences changed what the (E)ntity meant for them.
A wide range of people got to experience and create art even if they were unfamiliar with it, and didn’t know much about art.

The act of using your body to create something beautiful is a rewarding part of the experience that I see with everyone who enjoyed it.

Arduino Sensor Device

Squeeze center of device
Tap & release two fingers on the metal plates (GSR sensor)
(E)ntity is controlled by a pressure sensor and galvanic skin response (GSR) sensor measuring skin conductivity.

The data is read by Arduino and sent to Processing to create the visualization.

(E)ntity Gallery

Lessons Learned
“Mindfulness isn’t to get to a certain state of our minds, but to be mindful of whatever state we are in” (Haemin Sunim, Talks at Google, 2019).

(E)ntity began as a question of how we can use digital art to understand our emotions. It isn't to make people feel better, but for us to understand where our negative emotions come from. There is nothing bad about feeling bad, and our sadness, anger, fear, and disgust are all part of our body’s way of telling us something. These emotions exist to be understood, and shouldn't be blindly accepted or ignored.

To separate ourselves from our emotions shows that they are temporary and that we are not necessarily our emotions.

Designer's note:
Thank you to my instructors at Emily Carr and the directors and designers at Science World (Sandy, Tom, Jesse, Clyde, and Chihiro) for making this possible! And to friends and family for your endless support.